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A newborn brings joy to each household. Along with the birth of an infant come lots of tasks and duties. Looking after the infant is often demanding in itself as it is not only about development of the infant but also proper care to ensure a wholesome lifestyle for him/her.

Caring for the little one gets all the more challenging as the toddler is dependent on you not just physically but mentally as well. A new born toddler does not know how to protect himself, or what on earth is good or bad for him/her. So, one needs to be alert all the time. With first time mothers and fathers, the job of delivering a balanced atmosphere to the boy or girl to grow seems to be really complicated. This is often due to lack of expertise.

The information

There are specific dos and don’ts that may aid moms and dads to make a healthy lifestyle choice for the baby. A healthy diet regime is a vital portion of infant care. Adequate nutrition is necessary for the growth of the baby. New born infants should feed on breast milk. It is essential that he/she gets all the natural vitamins and proteins through vegetables and fruit rather than artificial food products.

Equally, medicines and vaccinations are important. Babies should be given proper vaccinations and remedies that can save them from lethal ailments like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Polio and many others. The checklist of all the different vaccines and medicines essential for a baby care are available with any clinic or child health centre.

A good environment for development ensures that the newborn is getting brought up in a wholesome way. It is extremely critical that the child feels safe at home. The space for a baby has to be totally free from loud sound, should have right lighting and other features making it comfortable. Also, it is very important that mommy dearest devotes a lot of time and energy to the newborn as he/she is emotionally connected to the mom more than any other person. Toys, presents, care and affectionevery one of these points enjoy a crucial position in balanced growth of the newborn. You can create this comfortable environment for your baby with all kinds of baby products. Best part is, you can buy baby products online in india.

Special care needs to be adminstered for the development of the senses. Even though toddlers understand on their own most of the time by observing things yet it’s important to create an environment that enhances his/her senses. For ex – make him/her dance to music, make him see photographs and speaking with him/her about his/her favorite things.

Therefore, we see that infant care is really a combination of numerous important things which if you keep in your mind may lead to an exceedingly healthier infant

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Now that you’ve decided to extend your family and become a mommy, it is time for you and your husband to get down to business. But getting pregnant can sometimes take more than just hitting the sheets. Here’s a list of all the things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving.

Say bye-bye to smoking, drinking and birth control.

The sooner you stop having your birth control pills the better. As you stop taking the pills, your cycle will return to its natural groove and your reproductive cycle will bounce back into action. Another fertility booster is quitting smoking.  Smoking impairs your fertility because it has been shown to damage your ovaries and harm the uterus –double trouble for someone trying to get pregnant.

Check with the Doc.

It’s a good idea to pay your doctor a visit and get some help with your baby-making mission. A full check can screen for conditions that could interfere with conception, such as ovarian cysts or thyroid. Your doctor will also indentify any fertility issues you might be having. Once the doctor gives you the green flag, you can get down to business.

Get Fit. Get Fertile.

Just like running a marathon would require you to practice and be physically prepared, the life changing event of becoming a mother requires your body to be prepared too.  Staying fit and getting in good shape releases happy hormones, endorphins while reducing stress. The thing to remember though, is not to overdo it. A strenuous workout like aerobics or cycling can actually mess with your menstrual cycle.  So work out, but do it wisely.

Make friends with dairy and iron rich foods

Load up on calcium by making sure you get one good serving of full fat dairy a day. It is said that one serving of full cream milk or cheese can reduce the chances of infertility. Women trying to get pregnant should also try and have two servings of iron rich foods like green leafy vegetables, beans or lean meat. Iron is important because anaemic women tend to have irregular cycles.

Don’t Stress it

Stress is bad for you. Happy baby thoughts are good for you. And you’ll have a lot of things to stress over once you’re a mom. So for now, just chill. Don’t let stress delay ovulation and lower your chances of getting pregnant by causing hormone levels to go haywire and decrease cervical mucus. Take  a holiday, try yoga, or do whatever it takes to keep the anxiety low.

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