Why it happens

Many pregnant women say it’s hard to sleep because they can’t get comfortable, need to run to the bathroom constantly, have leg cramps, and are excited – and anxious – about their baby’s arrival.

With so many physical and emotional changes happening, it’s no surprise that 8 out of 10 women have insomnia and other sleep problems during pregnancy.

What Causes It

A complicated combination of hormones and a number of unhelpful conditions, such as frequent urination, persistent heartburn during pregnancy, leg cramps, and pre-birth anxiety can all cause difficulty sleeping during pregnancy.

What you can do about it

1.              Go to bed drowsy.

Enter your bed, only when truly ready to sleep, you increase the likelihood of actually succeeding. To help with this avoid caffeine after early afternoon, don’t exercise vigorously past late afternoon, and don’t have heavy discussion before bed or in bed.

2.              Try a sleep inducing snack.

There are some snacks that might actually be helpful in promoting sleep. Warm milk can do the trick. The key when pregnant is to not overdo it and wind up giving yourself heartburn which keeps you awake.

3.              Warm water.

A bath or shower can not only relax you and soothe soreness that accompanies pregnancy, but it can also help you prepare for sleep.

4.              Reading or other mindless work.

Reading, doing small craft projects or even a tiny bit of shopping for baby toys online can help you shut down your brain. In pregnancy you may feel like your mind is racing with all you need to do and think about. By giving yourself a chance to shut it off you can help prepare yourself for sleep.

5.              Get up.

When all else fails, don’t lay in bed. Get up, do something. Research about baby toys india and other baby products you will need in the future. Set a time limit of 30 or 60 minutes that you’ll stay in bed trying to fall asleep. Fighting it can only be more frustrating. And sometimes you can be very productive in the middle of the night. Some say that this helps you prepare for the sleepless nights in parenting ahead.